Andrew Sensenig

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1. Title: Untitled


Material: oil, acrylic, wood stain,

pastel, Prismacolor on cardboard

Size: 64”x 48”

2. Title: Continuum (series)


Material: Prismacolor

on Stonehenge Size:varies

3. Title: Continuum (No. 1)

Year: 2020

Material: Prismacolor

on Stonehenge Size:88”x 18”

4. Title:Untitled(collaboration

with Mackenzie Slater)


Material: Xerox prints Size:62”x 40”

5. Title:Bruise (No.11)

Year: 2020

Material: Prismacolor on paper

Size: 18”x 24”

6. Title:Bridge

Year: 2019

Material: oil, acrylic, Prismacolor

on cardboard (layered)

Size:14”x 22”

7. Title:Bruise (No. 12)

Year: 2020

Material:Prismacolor on paper

Size:18”x 24”

8. Title: Lobotomy

Year: 2019

Material: oil, acrylic,pastel, staples

on plywood panels

Size: 32”x 16”

9. Title: Simple Things

Year: 2020

Material: oil, acrylic, spackle

on cardboard

Size: 56”x 46”


10. Title: The Unbearable Silence of God

Year: 2019

Material: oil, acrylic on cardboard


Size:26”x 26”

I work two dimensionally.

I paint abstract forms, I draw bruises, and I photograph cracks in the wall.

I enjoy making images of things that people wouldn’t otherwise look at.

I work conceptually.

I spend more time thinking than I do painting or drawing.

It’s about meaning and consideration juxtaposed to the rage and violence of experience.

It’s about the ambiguous push and pull of opposites.

It’s about questioning purpose and reason and defining them by my own terms.

I work minimalistically.

The work is about nothing and everything simultaneously.

I work existentially.

The work is about nothing meaning anything.

And accepting that.

I work with residue. The unobvious and subtle notion of experience and existence.

I’m interested in materials. Repurposing discarded materials and having them serve as alternative vessels for surface.

Repurposing discarded materials and defining them as an art object –an experience.

I’m interested in punk.

It’s loud and violent and prolific but with purpose and organization.

It’s adolescent and direct.

I want to create something new and interesting with the knowledge and influence of those who came before me.

Lewis Baltz, John Divola, Cy Twombly, Robert Ryman, Sid Vicious, Kurt Cobain;

But also do whatever it is that I want to do and make art that interests me.

It’s a documentation of self-discovery and reflects an aesthetic I embody with thought:

Emptiness occupied by the presence of nothing.

Stillness filled with sound and fury. Meaning replaced with perspective.

Beauty defined through an immediate lack thereof.