Bree Arkay-Leliever

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1. Brink (Excerpt 1)   

2019 Digital Photograph, Thread  


2. Brink (Excerpt 2) 

2019 Digital Photograph, Thread 


3. Espy (Video Still) 

2020  Projected film, Sheer Fabric, Self  


4. Untitled  

2019  Digital Photograph 

5. Meat Tights (Detail)   

 2020  Tights, Thread, Defrosting

Ground Beef, Meat Hook, Chain 


6. Meat Tights   

2020  Tights, Thread, Defrosting

Ground Beef, Meat Hook, Chain 


7. On Eggs And The Color Blue (Video Stills) 

2020 Projected Video, Eggs,

Cobalt Blue Paint, Water, Self 


8. Spine Line (Video Stills) 

2020 Projected Video, Permanent Marker, Self   


Title 9 : The Irony Of A Pleasant

Cacophony (Video Stills) 

2020 Projected Video, Self  


10. What I Have Lost, I Shall Now Fix (Video Stills)  

2020  Projected Video, Raw Chicken,

Needle & Thread, Self

My work comes from a place of emotional vulnerability, which creates a dichotomy with a sense of control and power. My body is the material, through performance, photography, video and installation. Driven by intuition, I retrospectively analyze the outcomes of my work, drawing out themes of the abject and hyper-aggression. Rejecting the idea of stereotype, the work lingers in an ambiguous space, evoking strong reactions from the viewer, transcending the parameters of the mediums I work in.   


Primarily, because my work is about the creation of a reaction amongst viewers as a form of art, I am interested in letting my work remain open to interpretation. I do not necessarily need viewers to fully understand nor empathize with my work; instead I would rather they feel the weight of the work in a context that is relevant to their own life. My work uses duration, action, and process to explore perceptions of control and agency. My work utilizes artist as material. My body adds a performative element, despite being displayed through video and/or photography, allowing individuals to use the interpretation of myself, as their own form of self-reflection, while maintaining a sense of voyeurism, surrealism, and ambiguity. Creating  a shock factor has become my motivation in creating work.