Hailey Stammer

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1. Twisting:

6"x 16"x 22"

Clay, Glaze, Paint

Completed September, 2019


2. Moody Judy:

18"x 23"x 28"

Clay, Glaze, Acrylic Paint Completed in January, 2020


3. Emergence: 3

4"x 38"x 36"Clay, underglaze, glazes

Completed December, 2019

My work has been about complexity and my need to explore complex systems. I diversify my materials in order to create more visually appealing ceramic sculptures, with many different textures and weights. I have been challenging myself to make work that isn’t symmetrical and is different from all angles. They invite the viewer to wander around the whole piece to discover views that would normally be hidden oroverlooked. I draw from nature, architecture, abstraction and basic geometries. Individual units of my work can be clean and simple, seen every day in the world, but when combined and repeated in complex patterns, they create a whimsical evocative composition. I use large slabs, extrusions and altered wheel thrown pieces that offer intimate experiences of rich textures, slips and rough glazes. My sculptures interact with themselves, with each new component added, the work reacts to what is being introduced. They twist, bend, emerge, and sink in certain places. Each piece informs the next. Meanings are not crystal clear; viewers are invited to interpret them in their own ways.