Jack Bancroft

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Thought Loops – Wax, twine, tinfoil, sound – Sculpture and digital media, several sizes rangng from 8”x5”x2” to 36”x6”x2”, 2019 


ScubbRubDub –  Sound, towel – Sculpture and digital media, 24”, 2019 


BoomBoomSkrrrt – Sound – Digital Media, 4:40, 2020 


BreakingLopps – Wax, copper, steel, wood – Sculpture, 12”x 6” x 3”, 2020 


Freq Phase – Sound – Digital Media, 10:43, 2020 


Grundle – Video, sound – Digital Media, 3:27, 2020 


Lapsed Succession – Video, sound – Digital Media, 1:15, 2019 


No One Was There – Sound – Digital Media, 3:25, 2019 


SacralCat – Sound – Digital Media, 3:43, 2019 

I cannot escape sound. Not for one second, it is always around me, and when it is not around me, it is within me. I find that I often treat sounds just as I treat many emotions, giving them little more than a passing glimpse, not fully accepting or processing the world as it is. My sound, and more recently my video work deals with this unattended overabundance of sensory information.


The overarching ideas that follow my work often stretch between the mediums that I engage. Much like the internal hum-drum that working with sound and video allows me to convey, my physical work has taken on a focus of the ‘self’ in the past year.


My sculptural work has taken on a form which I have willed through conscious and subconscious making and observation. If I allow it, my works show me the things I may know to be true of myself and the world in which I exist. My sculptural forms serve as physical manifestations of each question, answer, emotion, and fleeting thought that occurred during their creation. Working with the physical realm brings a sense of presence which I feel is difficult to find in many other interactions throughout my modern daily life, and it is precisely that awareness that makes creating in this form so daunting.